12/8 District Wide Action Team Meeting Landing Page

Welcome to the landing page for tonight’s event. Here, you can see:

  • 1. Tonight’s 12/8 Action Team Agenda
  • 2. Info about Winter 2021 Leadership Development Courses
  • 3. Link to a survey to express interest in leadership development opportunities, and to give input to shape the 2021 offerings. Please fill out by 12/15
  • 4. 2020 Leader recognition form to shout out a WIN leader who you have seen do exceptional work in your congregation/ organizations or community through WIN fill out by 12/15 or visit bit.ly/WINnomination
  • 5. Link to make and end of year donation to WIN if you feel so moved.
  • 6. Save-the-dates for upcoming WIN actions.

Tonight’s Agenda


6:45 Opening Song, The Times They are A Changin’

  Hannah Winkler, Temple Sinai

6:50 Opening  Blessing on the eve of Chanukah  & Purpose of Tonight

Barbara Kraft, Temple Sinai & WIN Strategy Team

3 Purposes of Tonight 

  1. Recognize and learn the impact of the 2020 organizing and campaigns. 
  2. Invite you to act and grow with WIN and shape WIN in 2021 through organized people
  3.  Organize our money with dues and individual donors, 

6:55 Recognize the Power You Have Built in 2020

Rev. William H Lamar IV, Metropolitan AME Church 

& WIN Strategy Team 

  1. Growth in institutional members 
  2. Growth through new / renewing relationships 
  3. Growth in leader participation 

7:00 Recognize that Organizing People and Money makes an Impact 

Barbara Kraft 

Sidra Siddiqui, Fall 2020 WIN Fellow 

 7:10 Invitation to continue making an impact at Reservation 13 / Hill East 

Invitation to continue making an impact with Utility Justice/ Pepco. 

Imani Stutely,  Fall 2020 WIN Fellow 

Angela Wilson-Turnbull, St Augustine RC, & WIN Strategy Team

  2021 Invitation to Grow Your Leadership and Team w/ WIN. 

University of Public Life – Courses and Apprenticeships 

Amy Vruno, Organizer 

Washington Interfaith Network & Metro Industrial Areas Foundation 

7:25   Organized $ Dues and Individual Donors 

Rev. William Lamar and Barbara Kraft 

7:30  New Strategy Team Members 

Rev. Micheal Wilker, Lutheran Church of the Reformation 

Pastor Anthony Minter 

7:35 Rounds 

Sidra Siddiqui and Imani Stutley 

7:40 Closing Prayer & Closing song “If Not Now, Tell Me When” by 

                               Hannah Winkler

2. Winter 2021 Leadership Development Courses

This winter, there are many ways to lead and make an impact through WIN. You can show our people power when called upon to turnout to a big action- right from your living room, or write an email, meet with an public official. You can grow our power together by engaging new leaders. Or, you can grow our power through organizing money in the form of member dues or individual donors. May WIN be a vehicle for you to make your voice heard and make an impact in the world in 2021. 

We want to hear from you about how you want to lead, grow and learn with WIN in early 2021. PLEASE FILL OUT THE SURVEY!!!

This winter we also invite you to consider investing more deeply in your own learning and leadership through committing to one of the WIN 2021 COURSES IN LEADERSHIP. 


Building people power in your community institutions and organizations through the skills of relational organizing. 

See description here


Action/ Reflection Cohorts with both practicum and classroom. 

See descriptions below here –




Click HERE to see a more robust descriptions of the courses.

3. Survey for 2021 Leadership Development

Click here to let us know which courses you are interested in.

4. 2020 Leader recognition form

If you have someone in mind who you think deserves recognition for their organizing and leadership in 2020, please fill our or visit bit.ly/WINnomination .We will shout them out at our Dec 21st zoom party and also in an upcoming e-newsletter.

5. Donate to WIN

WIN won the victories we are celebrating tonight because we organize both people and money. Please consider offering your financial support to WIN as part of your end of year giving so that we can enter the new year with a strong base of support, both relationally and financially. Visit our donations page here or visit windc.org/donate.

Upcoming WIN Dates

Leadership Development Open House Dates Open House  December 10th noon – 12:45, or December 15th 6-6:45pm If there is enough interest, we will have an open houses for any congregation or team that would like more information about any of the courses or leadership development opportunities during the following times. Please express interest by emailing comms@windc.org

WIN 2020 Recognition Party December 21, 6:15-7pm Our final public action of 2020 will be our leader recognition event.

Deadline to register for the 2021 Leadership Development Courses is 1/6

2021 District-Wide Action Team Meeting on January 14th 6:45-8pm

Tentative date for Large Districtwide Action March 18th 6:45pm

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