Black Equity Through Homeownership (BETH)

We believe that every native Washingtonian who wants to stay in DC should have every right and resource to stay.

Big Picture/Goals

WIN is building a network of Black and native Washingtonians who are current homeowners and those who want to be homeowners to create the political will to stop displacement and help build Black wealth.

All residents who grew up in D.C. serve our District through non-profits, and the government should afford a home here. Historically U.S. policies of redlining and systemically racist policies have encouraged and subsidized homeownership for white Americans and disadvantaged homeownership for people of color, especially Black Americans. We have the opportunity in D.C. to support policies that create a more equitable future. Specially, we propose in 2022:

  • At least $100 million in NEW operating funds dedicated over the next 4 years for potential homeowners. This includes expanding programs currently working but underfunded and oversubscribed in DC, such as down payment assistance programs. Also, adopting best practices from other states that support potential homeowners weighed down by student loan debt. 
  • Capital funds to repair homes and pass them on to the next generation. We are hearing from listening sessions that a barrier for some Black homeowners to pass on their home to the next generation is the funding needed to make repairs before passing the home along to the next generation. 
  • Turn Blight into homes. There are more than 3,000 vacant homes in the District. WIN is organizing a concrete plan to bring hundreds to potential homeowners. 

We imagine thousands of homeownership opportunities on public lands.


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