304+ Person Ward 1 Candidate Action

On april 26th, 2018, the team in wards 1 & 4 packed the basement of Sacred Heart Catholic Church with 304 people and 6 candidates for ward 1 council person. Ward 1 is the most diverse ward in the city and the turnout reflected that diversity!

We launched WIN’s new Ward 1 demands around affordable housing and immigration with all 6 Ward 1 candidates for council. WIN Leaders called for $2.5M to expand legal assistance for immigrants, to build affordable housing on a piece of public land owned by the National Parks Service, and to take on a slum landlord in the neighborhood!

You can watch the beginning of the action on our facebook page and or visit our photo album!

**One of the headsets used by the English speakers was not turned in after the action. If you have a headset, please contact us**