Over 40 WIN Leaders Gather to Discuss Policy Solutions for Living Wage Jobs and Affordable Housing

Leaders discuss green jobs
Research Action 1   Last night, Over 40 leaders came together to engage around the specifics of public policies that would yield living wage jobs and affordable housing.
With proposals for the DC FY14 budget taking shape, WIN leaders are working hard to understand the needs of the whole district and the policy options available to us to make sure we have a DC for all people. ┬áLast night focused on gearing up for the budget fight, fighting for living wage jobs as a part of a green solution to DC’s stormwater problem, and revitalizing strategies in the fight for housing affordability.
This is the first of many such research actions in the upcoming weeks, where over 1000 leaders will be briefed and asked to take action around the policy specifics of our upcoming campaigns.

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