650+ Person City-Wide Action

WIN packed First Rock Baptist Church with more than 650 faith leaders, returning citizens and workers to address DC Mayor Muriel Bowser around key issues in the city. Mayor Bowser embraced the vast majority of our asks. Her commitment to our campaign to hire 5,000 returning citizens and people from high unemployment areas is an important first step. Next we will engage 5-10 CEOs between now and November and work to deepen relationships between returning citizens and our faith communities. The Mayor also committed to modest but real next steps on community safety, immigrant & Muslim rights, and affordable housing including getting a shovel in the ground on Parkway Overlook in 2018. However, Mayor Bowser stopped short of fully committing to end privatization of transit workers. It was clear that we have work to do to convince her that privatization is an ill that keeps working people locked in poverty.  Out of this action, we will make it plain to developers like Akridge, the Federal City Council, and private transit companies that they cannot drink from the trough of public subsidy while demanding sacrifice from working people. Rev. Dr. Charlie Parker taught last night “God does not give us as victory simply because we are on the right side.  God invites us to be part of a struggle to bring about God’s Kingdom.”
Photo by David F. Choy
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