Public Safety

WIN is organizing for safe communities with net zero homicides.

Big Picture/Goals

Communities directly affected by violence should be at the center shaping solutions and have the resources they need to thrive. We want our elected officials to work with WIN and ally organizations to:

  •  Fully fund and implement the reforms set forth in the Police Reform Commission Report April 1, 2021 that includes: increasing the number of “violence interrupters”, dispatching mental health providers in response to 911 calls involving people in crisis, investment in evidence based culturally competent behavioral health and wellness services, and a holistic public health approach to school safety  that is relational, racially just, restorative, trauma responsive and trauma informed including  additional school counselors and clinicians. 
  • Support the Redefinition of Child Amendment Act of 2021

Visit the TraRon Center websitewhich is an organization that utilizes the arts as a tool for healing those who are affected by gun violence. This organization was started by WIN leader Ryane Nickens. Learn more here

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