DCFPI releases excellent “Citizens Guide to the DC Budget”

WIN leaders have been hard at work fighting for vital services that are at stake for ourselves and our neighbors.  Some vital human services programs were cut in the FY13 budget, may be cut in the FY14 budget, or are dangerously underfunded. WIN leaders have stood up and taken action — letting Councilmember Graham, the Chair of the Human Services Committee, the full scope and urgency of youth homelessness in the district; organizing their congregations with over a dozen issue briefings; and continuing frequent in person meetings with leaders from all across the district in the Wilson Building. The DC Fiscal Policy Institute has released yet another excellent resource in the fight for jobs, housing, and young people.  The Citizens Guide to the DC Budget can be found at their website, and will help us all prepare for tomorrow’s release of the Mayor’s budget.  There are many complicated processes that, when it all comes down to it, determine whether or not some of us have a roof over our heads or a job to go to.  DCFPI does an excellent job of making these processes clear and will help more leaders join the fight to fund crucial services in the district. WIN leaders are staying informed and engaged, even as many are absorbed in Holy Week.  We hope this helps many more of us to do the same. Download DCFPI’s full guide here:  

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