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30 Wins in 30 Days

Over the past 16+ years, the Washington Interfaith Network has identified, trained, and developed thousands of leaders whose organizing has produced improvements in schools, contributed to the creation of hundreds of units of affordable housing,  new recreation centers, parks, libraries, and facilitated jobs for DC residents. WIN uses a no-nonsense process for achieving real political change.  Members identify problems in our community, propose solutions that work in the real world, and through building power through relationships and building coalitions focus on goals that are achievable.   We focus on building  power so that residents have an ability to shape key decisions in our communities.  As longtime IAF organizer Michael Gecan, explained in his Boston Review article this is what it takes to make America work even as politics as usual has failed. Being so busy organizing we have at times neglected to tell our story and write document the campaigns and results.  This has meant that we have missed the opportunity to tell the story of how ordinary people accomplish extraordinary improvements for their communities.  Sometimes we take changes large and small for granted without acknowledging the work it took to bring them about.  In many  instances, unless you were there, its hard to know how improvemens happened, and how we might go about continuing the fight for our communities.  We hope to begin to tell these stories. Over the next 30 days,we will post stories daily from the perspective of those who were there for the fight and the victory and by those who enjoy the improvements won.  We will post post descriptions, interviews, videos, photos, and more, detailing one important victory each day.  We hope to collect and share  both information and inspiration as we continue our fight. we’re going to  Long time leaders and young organizers alike will share their knowledge and expertise about the fight for housing, jobs, and the welfare of young people.  You will be able to see the impact of our work, and glimpse a preview of what’s to come as we escalate our voter work in 2013 and as we organize in the decades to come.

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